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2.5D Physics Simulator


Dax Phyz requires Windows with DirectX 9.0c (included with Windows from XP SP2) or later, a display adapter with hardware support for DirectX 9, a CPU with full SSE2 support, and 1 GB of free RAM.

Phyz is a single exe-file; no installation is required, and no files or registry settings are created or modified.

Dax Phyz (32-bit) (x86 exe, 11.3 MB, 2017-07-26)

Dax Phyz (64-bit) (x64 exe, 13.2 MB, 2017-07-26)

Dax Phyz (non-SSE) (x86 exe, 11.2 MB, 2017-07-26)

Changelog (text)

PhyzLizp (web page)

Scenes, models and scripts (web page)

Latest DirectX (Microsoft Download Center)

CPU-Z utility (zip archive, 592 KB, from cpuid.com)